What is an apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a means of gaining qualifications whilst being employed. An apprentice will be an employee of a company and will receive a wage, whilst being allowed one day per week to attend the learning centre.

What are the benefits of hiring an apprentice to my business?

Apprenticeships are designed, bearing in mind the skills requirements of business. Employing an apprentice is  cost effective solution to your recruitment needs, with the added bonus that you can influence their skills development to suit your business’ requirements.

How do I employ an apprentice?

Contact us! Setting up an apprenticeship is easy call 01482 308728 and our dedicated team will talk you through your requirements as an employ, assist with recruiting the best apprentice for you and they will also be there to provide any assistance you require whilst you are employing the apprentice.

What occupational areas do you cover?

At Construction Works we cover apprenticeships level 2 and level 3 in Engineering, Fabrication and Welding, Machining,  Business Administration and Customer Care.  But contact us and we may be able to develop or recommend an apprenticeship that suits your business.

Who makes the decision on grant funding decisions?

Unfortunately we do not make this decision nor can we influence it. Any information or advice you receive from us will be given based upon the information provided. We do not accept any responsibility for decisions made.

Any queries regarding funding needs to be directed to the funding provider involved, contact details for whom can be provided by Construction Works.

What funding is available to hire an apprentice?

The AGE grant is available subject to eligibility to assist with wage costs. If you are required to pay anything linked with their training, our team will discuss this with you and what funding is available. Funding decisions however cannot be made or influenced by ourselves.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

Apprentices are required by law, if aged 16-18 years old to receive a wage that meets national minimum wage requirements for an apprentice.If your apprentice is aged 19 or over, you are required to pay them the national minimum wage per hour, during their first year only, however after then their wage must meet national minimum wage requirements meeting their specific age.

You are allowed to pay your apprentice more than the national minimum wage requirements.

For up to date rates please click here

What are the working hours for an apprentice?

Apprentices are required to work for a minimum of 30 hours per week plus one day of training (where they must attend our learning centre).As their employer you will be required to pay for the hours worked plus their hours at our learning centre

What holidays is an apprentice entitled too?

Apprentices must get a least 20 days of paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.

Do I have to pay for my apprentice’s training?

As an employer you are able to apply for funding to cover training costs for your apprentice. This money is however paid directly to us as your learning provider.

If your apprentice is aged 16 to 18 years old then you will not be required to pay their training costs, subject to the fact that they haven’t previously gained an apprenticeship in a related area. If they are aged 19 to 24 years old, Engineering Works will discuss with you what funding will be required from you (if any) and how to gain any funding support.

What are Traineeships?

Traineeships is a new programme designed for those who want to work or do an apprenticeship, but need a bit of extra support and an opportunity to develop skills and gain workplace experience that you as an employer require. If you work with us, and agree to take on a student who is on our Traineeship course, you will not be required to pay anything and the length of time which they work for you will be suited to your needs.