What is it?

The shared social agenda wraps around a capital build or infrastructure programme and includes the local communities and people that live and work within it. There is now a growing demand to generate and evaluate the social return on investment (SROI) and assessing if there is a need to assist and support to create a better social return. We work across the built environment consulting with the local, regional or national partners and stakeholder that support the shared social infrastructure.

At Cityworks we assess what’s available in the local area and how we can improve on the wellbeing of the people and families in their local communities. The goal is to ensure maximum social return for our clients, and the communities as a whole that they work within. Generating and promoting what and where the social benefits are within the built environment and its local communities, identify and capturing the social value and added social value to a scheme.

Strategic overview

Through the planning and procurement policies its key to understand, influence and inform the social KPI’s to get the best results from the employment, skills and supply chain obligations. As a social partner we will sit alongside our client’s over-all strategic business ethos, promoting a strategic fit to support social value.

The social submission is now a key element within most private and public sector tenders and the social KPIs calculated have to be realistic and meet both the customer and client’s goals and aspirations. In cross party working between all sectors we aim to develop and promote our client their ethos and obligations as a responsible business in the social environment. We aim to become a social partner of choice to enable the best results for our clients.

We provide a bespoke specialist support service that includes our Social Works value calculator that is tailored to meet the needs of individual contractors KPIs and align these to the values taken from the New Economic Cost Database and Global Value Exchange. The identification and analyse of the cost benefits and saving made for the government and tax payer will be undertaken throughout the scheme. We work with our clients to develop a clear and measurable action plan and social impact plan to combine both value for money and shared social value.


Within a shared social scheme, we are aware that local needs and the business needs may and will differ. To ensure a social scheme is managed effectively we will measure and monitor the generic social return and alongside this we will assist with actual community engagement to improve the communities wellbeing as a whole that will contribute to the overall results of a social plan. We aim to plan and evaluate progress of the social value before, during and after a scheme.

• Strategic review (identify key ESP targets)
• Evidence and monitoring for capital build or infrastructure programme / build KPI’s
• Social Works Calculator – Social profit database
• Provide and establish the key link between clients and the communities they work in.
• Establish local, regional or national partner and stakeholder that support social infrastructure
• Rolling reporting methods (JIT reports for Contractor, Stakeholders, Local Authority)
• Support the procurement lifecycle – Evidencing and Social calculator
• Coordinates social value activity within the community

Delivery and Support

• Monthly progress review to ensure on schedule for hitting KPI’s

• Forecasting and ongoing reviewing – Actual v Target
• Establish reporting mechanisms
• Social Works Profit calculator Inc. all Impact measures
• All Stakeholder, community and contractor awareness continuity
• Engage and establish networks within local communities – public, private and third sector
• Determine regular site / contractor visits to establish communication and data gather– (the same CW contact assigned to establish good working relationship with site managers)

Examples of Social Value and key data for your company KPI’s reporting could be:

• labour workforce – jobs created
• Sustainability – over 26 weeks, 12 months, 2 years etc.
• Geographical location/postcodes
• Local supply chain first or second tier (local to geographical area)
• NEETs activity /Work Placements weeks
• Existing workforce – Upskilling
• Apprenticeship (main contractor and/or first – second tier sub-contractor)
o Increase the number of apprenticeship starts
• Community engagement activity with school/charities/community resources and centres and community stakeholders
• Local employment initiatives aimed at social need with that particular area – (Example: Building Better Opportunities – Big lottery or Flexible support fund – local managed DWP)
• On site community / taster days

Your Social Partner

As a social partner Cityworks will sit alongside our client’s over-all strategic business ethos, promoting a strategic fit to support social value.

Our team is highly skilled at identifying what is socially valuable within a community. We understand you want to build on time and on budget so we make the shared social element as non-invasive as possible. We build a relationship with your team and site teams and assist them in identifying what we need to get to deliver your best social performance. You, your customers and stakeholders decide what you require and we will provide a reporting structure that fits your need for the scheme/build. We have the skills and expertise to identify both the weak and positive areas within a shared social scheme and generate community programmes that Increase wellbeing, quality employment opportunities for local people.

Consultancy Brief

Once it has been established the level of detail within your social data reporting required we determine the time scale of the whole build, from site preparation and breaking ground through to final completion of site to customer. Talk to us and we can give you examples. If the social value consultancy is costed into the build we will work with you from the beginning so we limit losing important social data. This way nothing is missed giving the client better percentage and SROI results. A bespoke package could be costed based on key elements that Inc.

– Depth Social Value required
– Time scales – Based on overall build plan or elements of a whole plan
– A small percentage of an overall build cost (example less than what is given in waste/loss)
– Based on Identified element of an existing scheme ESP or Social plan